• Drugs Set Your Timeline
    is the first campaign to use
    Facebook's new timeline
    as a medium. Launched by the
    Israel Anti-Drug Authority,
    the campaign communicates
    the hazards of drug abuse
    in an innovative way.

  • The Challenge Our challenge was to create a fresh
    conversation on the effects of drug abuse,
    and to break down the wall of apathy
    that surrounds our audience regarding
    anti-drug campaigns.

  • The Idea We opened a new Timeline
    for a fictional "Adam Barak"
    and divided it into 2 sections.
    Using the split screen layout,
    Adam shows a year in his life
    with and without drugs,
    demonstrating to our audience
    what their Timelines are liable
    to look like if they got addicted.

  • Results

    • Over 1,000,000 Facebook likes
    • 70,000 Tweets
    • 250 Newspaper articles
    • Dozens of discussions on local
      and global TV

    But more importantly, we started
    a worldwide conversation on the effects
    of drug abuse and broke down the
    wall of apathy.